One of the key differences between Avalon Fitness and other health clubs is that our staff is experienced in working
with mature adults. Our members can rest assured knowing that a team is standing behind them. These professionals
understand the issues and concerns that crop up as we age and how to work around them. They come from diverse
backgrounds and are truly passionate about working with the forty plus age group to help them achieve their goals.
Our approach to health improvement provides peace of mind along the way. Don’t take our word for it, check out our
client testimonials.
Avalon Fitness
Health, From the Inside Out.
We value helping our clients live their best life - one that’s in balance with today’s hectic lifestyles. Living your best life means
getting to truly enjoy the activities you love most - whether that’s traveling, gardening, boating, golfing, bowling, playing with your
grandchildren or even joining sporting events. Three cornerstones form our mission.

Provide an exceptional fitness

We offer the ideal training
Our facilities are bright, spacious,
sophisticated and non-
A full mind-body balanced approach to

Our focus is on teaching you to avoid
self-limiting beliefs - to embrace your
total self. Ongoing social outings and
health seminars are just the start.
Nutritional support that’s second to

Our full service kitchen boasts both
healthy breakfast, snack and lunch
menus. All meals include nutritional
information and are prepared by a
certified chef.
Included with every membership

Included with every membership
because we want to ensure you learn
not only how to use our equipment
safely and effectively, but develop habits
for life.
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